Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dan Wakes Up!

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Today was a truly monumental day for all of Dan's family and friends. This morning Dan's pain management was switched mainly to an epidural, thus allowing him to come off the respirator. His sedation was lightened, and he came awake like a light bulb.

Dan was in incredibly good spirits. He remembers all of what happened in theater and some of the last few days. He is thankful to have the tube out of his throat and be able to talk. And talk he did!

He quickly tried to take charge of shuffling all the family and friends through. We all had fun in the waiting room comparing stories about what he had said. Apparently the medicine he is on is a bit of a truth serum! Nothing was left unsaid. He is overwhelmed by all the support around him.

He is going in for another surgery tomorrow, so please say a prayer for him. The road to recovery is still many miles ahead, but today was very uplifting for everyone.


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