Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We had a good, relaxing weekend with Daniel at NNMC, and thanks to everyone for respecting and understanding the need for limited visitation, and coordinating through Leslie.

Friday, Daniel underwent a long surgery correcting his right broken hand. He experienced substantial pain after the procedure, which involved re-breaking the bone and setting pins in, but the medical team quickly got it under control. We’re starting to talk to a physical medicine and rehab doctor and social worker who will introduce us to rehab at Walter Reed, and this transition may occur, if all continues to go well, in the next several weeks.

In other news… Daniel is back to eating WELL! He especially enjoys breakfast, followed by snack-time of avocadoes, apples, bananas, oranges, grapes, papaya, etc. He’s been sleeping a lot better, and everyone is remarking how good he looks again. His coloring is back and his face is filling out well. Keeping up with daily PT in his bed, some muscle curve is reappearing in his arms! His spirits are excellent now that surgeries are diminishing and pain is not such an issue.

In looking at the glass half full, I see how many blessings are filling our lives now that we’ve been catapulted into this new, unexpected terrain. Daniel, Leslie and I are spending more time together that we ever have been able to since they became adults. We have been adopted and are forming fantastic, strong friendships with people who love Dan whom we possibly never would have met otherwise. Leslie and I are thoroughly enjoying the comfy, convenient apartment Special Ops Forces have provided while we are here to support Dan’s rehabilitation, and last but not least, we are feeling at home here in beautiful Bethesda, where people are all very friendly and welcoming to us!

Thanks to everyone who has sent cards and well wishes. For some reason the NNMC post office held some mail for a couple weeks, then all of a sudden a huge box of mail appeared in Dan’s room, so we’ve just gotten through reading each card as of last night. We are overwhelmed with your love, support, care and concern – so inspiring and hopeful! We are learning many things from what you say, and some recurring themes stand out:

· Ask not “why” this has happened, but “what” can we learn from it to make life better and fulfill God’s purpose?
· So many families mention their loved ones’ military service and are so proud of their accomplishments serving our wonderful country and protecting our hard-won freedoms.
· Strength comes from community and prayer, staying close to God’s word.
· Tragedy is part of life, and people can overcome devastating illnesses and injuries with hope, support and prayer – they can go on to accomplish amazing things.

Thank you for giving us hope, courage and guidance on how to keep moving forward positively. We feel the warmth and power of your prayers and wishes for Dan’s healing and progress.

Praying for blessings, health and loving family relationships for all of you,

Thanks and love,

Dan’s Family

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