Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend Tales

Dan has enjoyed a couple of days with his physical therapists. Last Thursday, he actually sat straight up in bed, assisted by his PTs, about 5 minutes...very proud of his prowess! He also touched the foot of his bed with his hands...another amazing feat. His bed looks like a mini-gym with a trapeze, poles every which way, rubber bands he uses to flex his forearms, etc. PTs are actually starting to plan for his future prostheses.

He had a short re-entry into ICU after last Friday's routine wound-washing surgery...a heart arrythmia was the cause; however, luckily, it was short-lived and he's back in the surgical ward again. Many visitors have come to wish him well: SEAL buddies, California Cnossen/Turnipseed family, DC-area friends, Admiral Maguire and Kathy -- always welcome faces that buoy his spirits.

Recently, he was given the green light to slowly sip liquids. He loved today's beef broth!

Definitely, the recent highlight of the week was a visit by Kevin Bacon, his brother Mike and his wife, Betsy, all from New York City. So kind of them to cheer our spirits, sign autographs, give us a CD of Kevin/Mike's band and have a group photo. We have received so many cards and well wishes, it took me two hours just to open the cards last night, let alone read them! So many wonderful people have sent care packages, books, quilts, afghans, cards with lovely messages, gift cards and cash -- God bless you for your generosity and caring! My compulsive thank-you-note nature feels guilty about not getting thank you notes out to everyone - give me time!

My one concern, as a mom, is that my usually muscular, ruddy, healthy-looking son is getting almost skeletally thin, wan,'s been a month since he's eaten and been outside in the sun. People tell me to be will get better..."the tincture of time." Please keep your prayers coming strong for Dan's wounds to continue to heal and that he get nourishment and strength with each day.

Leslie and I and Dan's extended family thank you and continue to draw strength and great encouragement from your prayers, phone calls, cards and just plain American caring!
I would just ask that you also continue to pray for all our wounded troops and those continuing to risk their lives in Afghanistan and Iraq and other areas our soldiers are serving so selflessly and with such courage. We see many of the "walking wounded" in the Wounded Warrior floor at the National Naval Medical Center and continue to marvel at their heroism and service to our great country. Let's also pray for our wonderful doctors and nurses and allied health professionals' wisdom in treating our wounded ones...they are the best angels of mercy we know, besides all of you. God bless each and every one of you ... we are so grateful for your love and support!Thank you!!

Alice, Les and Family


  1. You are in our prayers and thoughts every day. Continue the positive outlook. God bless you.
    Lloyd & Carolyn

  2. Dan.
    Thanks for your service. God's speed with your recovery. I hope to meet you one day.
    Pete Braxton
    USAFA '99

  3. Cnossen Family,

    I was one of Dan's 1st Phase instructors and am currently living in the DC area. I have wanted to stop by to say hello however it seems that you have had plenty of visitors. I also want to respect your wishes to allow Dan to get some much needed rest. I will keep monitoring the site and try to pick an appropriate time to stop in. If anything, my wife and I would love to have you over for dinner sometime. If there is anything we can do for you, please do not hesitate to call on us. We pray for you all daily.
    Keep up the positive attitude and God Bless,

    The Gomez Family
    Class 199