Tuesday, December 1, 2009

From Alice

As many of you know, our mom had to fly back home to Kansas on Sunday. It will be tough adjusting to life without her here. She will never accept the credit, but she worked so hard and did so much for the both of us over these past months. Dan couldn't have made all the amazing progress he's made, and I just couldn't have functioned without her here. Dan can handle all the recovery stuff - we've seen him fly off the charts in that area. I can handle the hospital stuff. But our mom definitely didn't pass on her cooking/cleaning/organizing genes to her children, so wish us luck! All hell is really gonna break loose now!

Before she left, she wrote a message that she wanted me to share with everyone. I'll try and write more about what's going on with Dan this week (it's a very exciting week for us!) within the next few days. Things just got real busy around here without Alice to pick up the slack! But I promise to update soon.

Love to all,



Even though Dan had to be briefly readmitted last week to NNMC (Bethesda Naval) to resolve some infection issues with his bladder and have a catheter replaced, we were able to get a day pass out of the hospital to attend a lovely wedding at the US Naval Academy Chapel on Saturday afternoon, joining the reception/dinner at Loew’s Annapolis Hotel later in the evening. It was a wonderful event, and we were all so glad we were able to attend. Dan reconnected with some SEAL and USNA friends, and everyone was so happy to see him out and about recovering so admirably.

Leslie had a one-day bout with a bug that week but quickly recovered. It was amazing how many people were concerned about her. Mark Conley spent that day at the hospital with Dan while I stayed at the apartment with Les trying to find her something to settle her stomach. Without Les to manage everything for Dan, we struggle! People are always offering to step in to help, though, so we continue to be grateful for the wide network of support we are blessed to have here.

Dan was released from Bethesda this past Sunday, so we were back to the daily Walter Reed routine until today, Thanksgiving Day. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, and we hope you have a great day and weekend traveling and being with your families.

A group of us is traveling to Annapolis to enjoy the day at Brian and Biggi Ray’s house. It feels odd not to be spending hours and hours cooking a Thanksgiving meal this year as so many of you are no doubt doing, but it’s a nice break for a change.

Dan continues to enjoy his OT and PT workouts daily at Walter Reed, and Leslie is good about making sure he gets to all his follow-up medical appointments, reorders his supplies, administers his medications and just generally takes very good care of her brother.

I am returning to Kansas on Sunday to resume my previous life there. Jeff has been very understanding and supportive of my absence, as have my good Westar Energy friends. I see it’s time, though, to return to that life and visit here as frequently as possible next year. With today’s communications technologies, we’ll be in close touch daily and if anything arises needing a mom’s presence, I know where to find Daniel and Les! I am so thankful for all the support from NSW Group One, USSOCOM Care Coalition, the many friends who have come forth to offer food, companionship and respite and just the overwhelming caring people have shown our family. This Thanksgiving, I am truly thankful for YOU and our outstanding country of caring, giving people. I’m saying some extra prayers in support of our troops today, and I know many of you will be doing the same.

Blessings to all, and thank you for your interest love and support!



  1. I wondered when I would see you back on the road Alice. :)

    Together the 3 of you have dealt with life's difficulties and challenges and again you have proven what a family can do together.

    God Bless you all!

  2. Alice this must feel like the kids leaving the nest (again!).
    Dan and Leslie keep taking care of each other as only family would, you are incredibly lucky to have each others support!
    I continue to watch in amazement! Dan as I have had some crappy times lately just checking on you here and seeing you are well reminds me to have faith. (Thank you!)
    May the blessings continue to come your way!

  3. My mascara is running :o) All three of you are so inspiring and amazing. Again, and I am humbled to say this, I have been blessed to see such dedication, love, faith and personal triumph. God bless all of you.

  4. Alice your an awesome mom and I am sure they are both so very thankful for your support and the giving of yourself over this whole time. As my mom would say though, thats what moms do. :) Blessing to you and hopefully you don't have to run back up there to help them clean up their rooms ha ha ha...